short pixie haircut

How to cut a pixie haircut with scissors

Most of the women want to get the long hair to feel the gladness, but you have to put more efforts for its proper maintenance. Short hair is easy to take care of but at the same time it can be both fun and beautiful. The short hair cuts are widely suitable for many hair textures and face shapes. When you want to cut a pixie haircut, it is definitely the best guide to do it by your own. These are definitely the most comfortable and easy techniques to follow in order to get the pixie haircut at your home.

Steps to have pixie haircut:

  • Cutting the back – You have to start cutting with the damp hair which is already cut to your shoulder length. As this damp hair is somewhat shorter, it is very easier to cut it than the longer hair. Likewise, you have to cut all the layers of the hair to get short pixie haircut. Initially, you will get the uneven look and don’t bother about it. If you wear ponytail, it will be easier to cut and manage the hair to get the pixie look.
  • Refine your hairline along the nape – Using the comb, you can pull the hair and make the V-shape with the middle and fore fingers. Then, you have to close them against the hairs at the nape. Then, you have to cut the hair below this V-shaped hair.
  • Separate the front and back parts of the hair – Using the handle of the rat-tail comb, you have to separate the front and back parts of the hair on each side of your head and secure them using the clips. Now, you have cut the vertical section of your hair on the back and also center portion of the head.
  • After that, you have to do the horizontal hair section cutting across the vertical one. For all the layers of hair, you have to continue cutting the hair in the horizontal and vertical sections. In the entire pixie cut tutorial, it is really very important to do these section cuttings to get the perfect pixie haircut.
  • In the next step, you should blend the hair by just combing it in the upward direction and then snipping it. For this purpose, you can make use of the fine toothed comb.
  • Cutting the sides and top is also very important with the help of the same technique. You have to visually compare them in the mirror and cut the hair on both sides to get the even look.
  • Doing undercut for the twist is also very important when it comes to the pixie haircut.

pixie haircut at home


In order to easily and quickly do the pixie haircut at home, you have to work all these ways across the back, front and sides of the hair. You can finish off the cuts by pulling your hair away from the heat using the comb and then by buzzing around your hairline along the ears and nape.